Enjin just announced the world’s first Gaming Multiverse, and I can’t help but talk about it! Forest Knight is thrilled to be one of the 6 games pioneering this universe made possible by the Enjin ecosystem.

Being the first to attempt such an enormous task is scary but so exciting at the same time. That’s exactly why we want to do it right, and to do so, we need to analyze the situation and think about the main problems facing not only developers, but also gamers. I believe a solid foundation will be the key to success for this revolutionary vision, so these issues must be addressed before we move forward too quickly.

The first issue I foresee is implementation of items. These items are the heart of the Multiverse. They are limited and rare, so they should be implemented by all games in similarly special ways. These items should feel distinct and different from other items in each game—because they are.

For the intrinsic value of items to increase with every new game that adopts them, they will also need to hold high status to ensure players feel like they are in possession of something awesome and truly unique. That’s why Forest Knight will make sure every one of our Multiverse items will be an important addition to the game, allowing unique and rare experiences for the players who own them.

Speaking of rare, the rarity of items should also be maintained throughout all Multiverse games. These are the first ever Multiverse items—they shouldn’t be easy to claim. We as developers will each have a limited supply of items; if one of us is giving the items away too easily, the supply will diminish quickly while at the same time lowering the items’ intrinsic value.

One great thing about the Multiverse is that players can choose where to get their items, but I believe that for the good of the Multiverse, obtaining these items should be challenging and fun. This is also important to consider when balancing the fairness of each game. No player should be allowed to gain overpowered perks in one game by just quickly playing another. These precious items should be earned by the players who deserve them most.

The last thing I want to discuss is aimed toward competitive games in the Multiverse, like Forest Knight. To avoid the risk of creating Pay2Win dynamics within our games, Multiverse items should not be too overpowering. They should be strong, but not the strongest. Players who weren’t lucky enough to obtain these items shouldn’t be robbed of the chance to be the best at a certain game.

A competitive game lives by equal opportunities for every single player. In my opinion, these are the true competitive games. That’s why Forest Knight will ensure our the PvP Arena will be a fair place for all players to fight against one other and claim crypto-based rewards from the realm’s king!

From what I’ve seen and the conversations I’ve had, all of Enjin Coin’s adopters are on the same page as me, but we want to set the standard for all new adopters that will join the Multiverse as well.

We are doing this for the good of our players and the games market as a whole.

There are already 2.2 billion gamers in the world. Just imagine how many more there could be if we break down the walls that separate us and then knock down the barrier standing between the gaming world and the world we see around us today.

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