How it All Started

Living far from the city center of Hamburg, Germany, travel times were long wherever I wanted to go. Typically, I passed the time by playing games on my mobile phone. This inspired me to create my own game – something that people could play to pass time, a game that would allow people to forget time and make every train or bus ride an experience. I wanted to create something that would make people look forward long travel.With these goals in mind, I started Forest Knight as a passion project a year ago without realizing what the future would bring for the brave knight.

Midway through development, I entered the world of blockchain. I was fascinated by the idea of decentralization and knew that, as the future of the world, I wanted to contribute to it. The lack of involvement with this future technology bothered me. With the accessibility of blockchain limited for everyday people, I saw it as my mission to open the door for more people to enjoy its benefits and be part of it.

By coincidence or perhaps fate, I met Roger and Ilija from the Enjin Team at the Unite Berlin conference. Our conversation about Enjin convinced me that it was the perfect fit for Forest Knight and our players. From that point, I was hooked – I wanted to be part of the Enjin revolution.

Chrono Games & Enjin Coin

I am proud to announce that Forest Knight will be one of the first games to implement Enjin into its ecosystem.

The Enjin platform will provide our project with some amazing monetization opportunities that have never before existed. The ability to generate revenue from external peer-to-peer markets is absolutely incredible and will provide a great community experience where players can chat, trade, and find new ways to win items while enabling my company to monetize Forest Knight in an organic and non-intrusive way.

Enjin’s platform has enabled me to create true collectible characters – their rarity is provable, they are intrinsically valuable to our game, and their demand will rise as Forest Knight becomes increasingly popular. I am backing my heroes with Enjin Coin (ENJ) to guarantee their value, certify their authenticity as assets supported by the Enjin ecosystem, and enable players to destroy them just like real physicalized products.

The goal of Forest Knight is to simplify the blockchain experience for every gamer out there. Players should be able to enjoy the game experience without dealing with the technical parts that often scare people away from blockchain in the first place. Forest Knight is going to combine the traditional gameplay elements of a mobile game with the Enjin ecosystem and true ownership of game items. You like your Knight? It is truly yours, and no one can ever take it away from you!

Join us on the Forest Knight journey:

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