When is the launch on pancakeswap?


Will we lose any progress from early access?

Not in NFTs.

How do I link my wallet?

 Currently, there’s a possibility of linking to an older framework we used (Enjin) but we’re migrating to a new framework and you’ll be able to open your wallet on Polygon soon enough.

Is this on iOS?

We plan on having an IOS version in the future, but you can play it on PC, check this out medium.com/forest-knight/how-to-run-forest-knight-on-pc-d9fc557a2772

What’s the token? What’s blockchain?

Knight token is ERC-20 and it’s built on Polygon. Gamers can use it for many things in our game/marketplace.

Where can I get an update on the game?

The best way to have all the updates is by following the announcement section on discord or keep an eye on the official telegram.

Where can I play the game?

At the moment the game is available on Android devices and can be downloaded from the play store. You don't have an android device? No problem, you can join thousands of players in Chronville using an emulator on your PC.

My question is not on the list, what can I do?

Join our community on discord and telegram, our most experienced knights will help you with any question, advice, and suggestions to improve your game experience

Are there any airdrops currently active?

There’s one running until the 22nd. The drop chance is increased for people that play the game and fill out the form on our discord.

Can I fight the event boss more than once?

Yes, you just need to purchase more keys.

How do I get orbs for the underworld?

You get those from arena chests. The better the chest, the higher the drop rate. Large, 12h chests are very likely to contain one.

What are “Transfer Potions”?

Don’t buy them for now. They are an old relic of how we went about covering gas fees from using the Ethereum blockchain.

Why is the arena empty?

If your opponent clicks cancel during their search a second before the arena pops up, they are not connected and the arena will be empty for both players. You can safely surrender without worrying about a win or a loss.

Where can I find a weapon for the witch?

The Witch, Thief, and Samurai don’t currently have any weapons available in the Town Shop.

What will be the in-game NFTs?

hese will be various pieces of weapons, accessories, pets, land, etc. We plan on introducing more NFT collectibles soon.

How to use the boss token?

You can use the boss token at the Town Shop to buy Virtual or NFT items, in the last two tabs.

How to participate in the Event Boss Battle?

You need a key which you can purchase for 100 gems.

Can I receive keys in any other way?

Yes, 24 hours after you use a key you will receive a new one.

What are Virtual items?

Since NFTs are unique, what we refer to as Virtual items are items randomly generated by the game found in unlimited quantities.

Are FT and NFT tradable?

They will be tradable when we open our new marketplace.

Where can I find dragon meat?

Go to the exchange and scroll down until you see a reward for the dragon meat, click it, and watch the ads.

What is the drop rate of FT?

Less than 5%. Hard mode is a little bit higher.

What is smelting?

Smelting is used to melt virtual items for magic runes.

How does merging work?

You can use merging to make items stronger. You can also only merge items of the same class. Merging works with the “primary item” which is the imbued one, and three items that are used as part of the sacrifice. This is linear, for example, you can merge 4 starlights to get a "+1 starlight" or merge four +1 starlight to get a "+2 starlight"With that in mind, you can't merge staff of protection with starlight/ branch of life/trinity staff because it is a different class item. That is, staff of protection is a weapon for priests and all others mentioned are weapons for mages.

Why can't I find the underworld orbs I got
from the arena box in the armory?

Underworld orbs are stored in Underworld itself. You can check and see if your orbs have been added at the lower right corner of the underworld screen.

My NFT's are Showing as " Duplicate"?

Don't worry it’s just a bug and will be fixed soon.

How to withdraw items?

Currently, that’s not active, until we are on the Polygon(Matic) Network.

Why can’t I merge NFT items?

NFT merging will be introduced soon.

Why doesn’t merging work?

Check if the items are of the same class, otherwise it won’t work.

I merged my items and suddenly my screen stopped working and lost all the items?

Please fill the form listed at the setting. Your logs will be checked and we will refund the items to you.

How do I report a bug?

At the settings menu there is a picture of a bug. Click that and fill the form.

How to ask for a refund?

At the settings menu there is a picture of a bug. Click that and fill the form.

What are Magic Runes used for?

Magic Runes are used to level up heroes.

I opened the chest from daily login but I did not receive anything?

Chests give random quantities of gems, magical runes, or gold. It got granted to your account the second you claimed the daily login reward so odds are you just missed it.

Is this game already a play2earn?

The wallet transfer is currently disabled, but you can still earn FTs/NFTs from the game that you will be able to transfer later on.

What do we need to do to earn in-game?

You can already earn FTs and NFTs in-game, but the marketplace is closed due to migration. To provide the game with an economy we plan on introducing the Knight token and a new and improved market system. Keep an eye on the announcements.

Is there any special reward for the early beta players?

Yes, we will be doing some events focused on our early supporters.

Who is the world boss and how can I battle him?

The world boss is the strongest enemy currently present in Forest Knight. He appears twice a week and needs multiple players to be able to defeat him.Every player can battle him using a boss key, and the damage done by each player will be added to the leaderboard. Meaning, the more damage you deal the higher your rank will be. Better ranks also mean better rewards.

Where can I find an official group in my native language?

Forest Knight is primarily written in English and only has one official Telegram channel which also is in the English language. But our Discord has multiple taverns for non-English speakers and we plan on adding a real-time translator in-game which will help bridge this gap. 

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