$KNIGHT is the native utility and governance token of the Forest Knight ecosystem. Contribute to the protocol today.

$KNIGHT  Upgrades

Three upgrades that will transform $KNIGHT into beyond just a game token.

Chapter I
Upgrade incoming...
Chapter II
Upgrade incoming...
Chapter III
Upgrade incoming...
Chapter IV
Upgrade incoming...

What can you do with $KNIGHT?

$KNIGHT is not only deeply integrated in Forest Knight economy, it's utility goes beyond the core gameplay. $KNIGHT aims to be the ones top token for a next-generation gaming ecosystem. Time to Level up the game!

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  • Use $KNIGHT to merge NFTs together to craft new powerful equipment.

  • Hold & stake $KNIGHT to improve your in-game VIP score to enjoy gameplay and bonus earning benefits.

  • Native NFT Marketplace powered by $KNIGHT with innovative quest platform.

  • Stake your $KNIGHT to vote on the future development and expansion of not only the game but whole protocol

Powered By Polygon

$KNIGHT is powered by Polygon, a high-performance, low-cost, and eco-friendly blockchain network.  Forest Knight is proud to partner with Polygon and be part of the growing blockchain gaming community.

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How to open the chests?

To be announced shortly

How to buy the chests?

In our Gamrey's Deep INO on Opensea on the 19th of January, check out more about it here

When we will be able to use the NFTs?

Once the Gamrey Expansion hits & everyone has opened their chests.This expansion will include tons of new features as well many economic changes.

How many Chests are there?

1000 of The Miracles of Gamrey Deep, 2000 of Tildwell's Discovery, 3000 of The splendors of Gamrey's Deep, check out more here

What are the drop rates of the chests?

Every chest has a different drop rate, check out more info here

What are the benefits of these NFTs?

These NFTs will boost your in-game experience aswell play to earn rate in various ways, check out how here

Are all NFTs unique?

We have 25 unique NFTs that will be minted X times, depending on the rarity and they are all unique and numbered!

When will the marketplace open?

In Q1 of 2022

Is there special rewards for buying these NFTs?

Yes, there is a 50,000 KNIGHT reward for the lucky 10 players that will find the Mythic NFT, read more about it here

Where does the revenue from INO go?

20% of funds will be used to cover the costs, 80% will be use to buy back KNIGHT and put in community treasury for future use through DAO.