Knight Token Lore

After the invasions of the realms from the evil minions of the underworld, mysterious tokens started appearing. First, the citizens claimed that they would just leave them there, but soon enough we learned that they were being used to bribe them even when they had no idea of its powers or what the origin of these tokens was.

As the realms start to unify, they send their most courageous heroes to fight alongside the Forest Knight and learn more about these mysterious tokens. Years of studying led them to create a newer and purer token that can’t be used or corrupted by the minions of the underworld.

They named it “The Knight Token”. A tribute to the Knights that are protecting the realms. The token was minted by the celestial Dwarves at the Mystic Forge. Said to be of solid gold infused with the purest light magic that protects it from corruption.The Knight Token is the most sought-after token — a sign of honor and trust which all of the realms would kindly trade with even for the hardest of silver and shiniest of gold.


The Knight Token ($KNIGHT) is an ERC-20 token. Its utility will allow players to use them in trading, purchasing items, buying and selling land, staking them for rewards, etc. But ultimately we want you, the player, to participate in an open economy across the world of Forest Knight!

With $KNIGHT, we want to create a utility token that players can earn during their playtime that is part of every meaningful transaction of the game, while also encouraging them to hold the tokens for additional in-game incentives and gamified mechanics like staking, which has a real impact to the players in-game experience.

The token’s utility should culminate with the creation of a DAO, which has the potential to turn community feedback into community governance. Anyone with knight tokens even the most casual of players should have a say of what happens with Forest Knight.

Trade, land, pets, cities, and just about anything you might think of. For the token to grow to its maximum potential, it’ll take time, a healthy community, and mountains of feedback. This transition from a centralized development model to a DAO is only possible through you, the player, and time spent enjoying the game and letting us know why.

Token Utility

The KNIGHT token will have real in-game utility, and it’ll be an integral component in our game mechanics. KNIGHT holders will not only receive in-game benefits, but will also have a say on future development. To recap on our previous article:

In-game Utility:

KNIGHT will be our marketplace currency. Players will be able to freely trade NFTs with each other, with these items dropping in everyday game-play. The first sell-able items will be weapons and accessories which include rings, necklaces and badges.

KNIGHT will be used as a currency for our in-game land sale, allowing players to buy digital land upon which they can erect their cities. Cities allot plots where players can construct buildings that will reward them progressively with NFTs, in-game resources, boosts, and of course, Knight tokens.

In the later stages of development, we’ll be introducing magical eggs, and when hatched will reward the player with their own unique randomly generated pet. Pets will accompany knights, and help them to earn both NFTs and KNIGHT tokens. We’re excited to see how this develops, and this element could evolve into a meta-game of it’s own.

We will leverage upon the power of blockchain to allow players to rent out NFTs to other knights, with smart contracts ensuring that the original owner will receive their item back once the rent duration runs out.


We’re planning to implement KNIGHT staking in Q1 2022, as a way of rewarding our most loyal players, and early supporters. The rewards will be largest initially, and gradually decreasing as time passes and the game grows.


Our goal is to give all community members a say in our game’s direction, as we’re nothing without our loyal community. We want to hear what each an every one of you has to say, so that we can work together to make Forest Knight the best game it can be.

We working on finalizing our governance structure, which will include creating a DAO, allowing KNIGHT holders to actively decide on key game features!

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $KNIGHT

We have carefully designed our tokenomics to make sure that we can raise sufficient funds to support our development whilst ensuring that tokens are emitted into circulation gradually. We’ve allocated ample tokens to support ecosystem and community growth, and left enough in reserve for contingency planning. We hope the vesting length give you an idea of the team’s long-term commitment to Forest Knight.

15% Team - 0% Initial with 12 months cliff followed by 24 months vesting
2% Seed Round - 5% initial with 2 years linear vesting @ $0.08 per token
6% Private Round - 5% initial with 18 months linear vesting @ $0.12 per token
2% Public Sale- 20% initial with 4 months linear vesting @ $0.15 per token
5% Marketing- 1M initial, 1M vested every 6 months in a linear fashion
45% Ecosystem and Community- 1M Initial, linear vesting for next 4 years
25% Reserves- 5% initial with 4 years linear vesting

Why Polygon?

Polygon, previously known as MATIC, is a Layer-2 scaling solution built to help bring mass-adoption to the Ethereum platform. It offers blazing fast transaction times, ultra-low gas fees, and minimal network congestion compared to Ethereum.

Aside from the infrastructure, the network has seen rapid growth. Many top projects have chosen to build on the Polygon platform, with over $9Bn in TVL. This is partially due to its EVM compatibility, allowing Ethereum developers to seamlessly transition. It’s straightforward to move tokens onto Polygon using their official bridge, with many other third-party solutions.

We firmly believe that Polygon is the right home for Forest Knight to provide an optimal user experience, and we can’t wait to share further details of our DAPP.

Further Information

Sometimes players really do know best, and we understand that, and we want to make each and every one of you count. So come and join our game already, see what Forest Knight has to offer in Early Access.

If you haven’t already, join our Telegram group, Telegram Announcement Channel and Discord communities and you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with our progress.

See you on the battlefield!

Forest Knight Team.