Version Patch Notes

August 9, 2023

Hero Buff:

Priest HP Buff: The Priest character receives a significant health boost, with HP increased from 800 to 1200. Prepare for more durability on the battlefield!

Guild Improvements:

Boss Total Damage Leaderboard: Guilds now feature a new leaderboard to track and showcase total damage dealt to bosses. Compete with your guildmates against other guilds and aim for the top spot!

Bug Fixes:

Fiend Shop Screen Fix: We've addressed the issue causing scrollable screen problems in the Fiend Shop. Enjoy a smoother shopping experience!

Wukong Clones Interaction:Wukong's clones will no longer contribute to killing quests, offering a more accurate gameplay experience.

Wukong Clones Healing Mechanism:

Wukong's clones will no longer unintentionally heal Wukong upon their death when holding a skill healing item. Expect a more balanced combat scenario.Obstacles

Quest Adjustment:

Obstacles quests have been adjusted. Only 5 destroyed obstacles will count for quests in each game, ensuring a fair and engaging challenge.

Balance Changes:

Item Stacking Rebalance: The extra stacking functionality on attack and defense stacking items has been removed. Enjoy a more controlled gameplay experience.Mine Scaling Adjustment: The infinite scaling from the mine has been eliminated, promoting a more balanced progression.

Gameplay Enforcement:

Double Equipment Deselection: The system now enforces the deselection of double equipment during gameplay.