Version Patch Notes

June 7, 2023

Patch Notes - Version


New Stable Server: We have introduced a new stable server to enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy longer games without crashing and benefit from a more stable connection.

Gameplay Enhancements:

Reroll System for Battle Pass Quests: Now you have the ability to reroll your battle quest for 50 gems. Choose a new quest that suits your playstyle and progress through the Battle Pass with more flexibility.

Balance Adjustments:

Changed Arena Chest Contents: We have updated the contents of the arena chests to include new virtual items. Decreased "Underworld Orb" Drop Chance: Based on player feedback, we have significantly reduced the drop chance of the "Underworld Orb" in arena chests. As many players have said it's very frustrating to get the underworld orbs so frequently, while they don't have any use case for it anymore.

Updated Arena Maps with Mana Stones:

In response to community feedback, we have made changes to the arena maps that feature mana stones. Now, each side of the map includes a mana stone, ensuring equal opportunities for both players to access this valuable resource. We value your input and encourage you to provide feedback on this new iteration as we remain open to further adjustments.

New Content:

New Achievements: We have added a set of exciting new achievements for you to unlock and showcase your prowess. Conquer new challenges and earn prestigious rewards.

Visual Improvements:

VFXs for Totems in Arena: To provide better feedback during battles, we have added visual effects (VFXs) for all totems in the arena. Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals as you strategize and dominate your opponents.Bug Fixes and Optimizations:Various bug fixes and performance optimizations to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.