Version Patch Notes

June 21, 2023

New Features:

Damage Result Feedback Panel:

Implemented a new feedback panel displaying damage results from arena battles and rooms.Players can now view detailed information about the damage done by their heroes and enemies throughout all phases of the game.End-of-Arena

Summary: After completing an arena match, a comprehensive list of all heroes and enemies involved will be provided. This summary includes the damage dealt by each character across all phases of the game.

Match History:

Introducing a match history feature, which keeps track of up to 20 games from arena or room matches.Players can now review the final damage and statistics, as well as the equipment used in each match.


Added a transfer potion to the mythic skin package.

Bug Fixes:

Wukong Clone Fix:

Resolved an issue where Wukong clones were not taking damage after the final phase of the timer.Wukong clones will now spawn with a poison effect, ensuring they receive damage as intended